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Electronic Components

Electronic components are the pillars of electronic circuits without which an electronic circuit can't be formed. These are the components which do not require external power supply for the operation. These electronic components are Resistor, Capacitor, and Inductor.
These components are connected together to form the electronic circuit. These components can be connected in series or in parallel. These components are bi-directional components. Therefore, the electronic components can be connected by any electrode. The component values of resistance is measured in Ohms, capacitance in Farads and inductor in Henry.
The resistor opposes the flow of current flowing through it. The opposition to the flow of current is given by Ohm's law and denoted by R which is given as,

Inductance is used to store the electromagnetic energy within the turns of a coil. This electromagnetic energy is because of current flowing through the inductor.
Capacitor store the electrostatic energy in the form of charge around the plates. Capacitor is constructed with the help of two parallel plates separated by dielectric material.