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Project Title: IEEE 802.11 & Bluetooth Interference: Simulation study

Brief Introduction:

IEEE 802.11 and Bluetooth, both of these operating in The regularity that is unlicensed is 2.4Ghz are getting to be more and remarkably popular into the computing globe t hat is mobile. Just how many items made with IEEE 802.11 and Bluetooth goes on drastically. Result may be the quantity that is real of products , state within 10meters, grown up to a limitation, such that it might cause disturbance issues to the radio regularity range that is 2.4Ghz. Bluetooth supports both voice and data packets. This project investigates these interference dilemmas and make use of a Bluetooth sound that is brand name packet that is brand new known as synchronous connection-oriented with replicated Transmission (SCORT) to examine the enhancement in performance. Into the interests of simulation outcomes, you can expect a comprehensive simulation outcomes MATLAB that is using Simulink.

Hardware Details:

Software Details:

MATLAB Simulink

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