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250+ Total Electronics Projects for Engineering Students

37 Matlab Electronics Projects which always in demand in engineering level and especially very useful for ECE and EEE students. So, it is always benefial for electronics student and professional to have such material to generate new ideas.

MATLAB Projects

MATLAB is a development language produced by MathWorks. It started away as a matrix development language where algebra that is linear ended up being simple. It could be run both under nteractive sessions and as a batch task. This project list provides you aggressively a gentle introduction of MATLAB language that is programming. It is made to give students fluency in MATLAB programming language. Problem-based MATLAB examples have already been given in ple and easy way that is easy make your learning fast and effective. MATLAB is MATrix LABoratory. It is a fourth generation program writing language and multi-paradigm computing environment that is numerical. MATLAB allows matrix manipulations, functions and information plotting, algorithms execution, user interface creation, interfacing with programs written in other languages which consist of C, C++, Java, Fortran, etc. MATLAB is widely used in image processing, signal processing, academic and research institutions because well as commercial enterprises. Another point that is important that a lot of the MATLAB users originate from various backgrounds like technology, engineering and economics.

While you may guess from its title, MATLAB deals mainly with matrices. A scalar is a matrix that is 1-by- 1 a row vector of length say 5, is a 1-by- 5 matrix. We shall elaborate more on these and other features of MATLAB. One of the numerous benefits of MATLAB is the notation that is natural. It looks a lot like the notation you encounter in a algebra course that is linear. This will make the usage of this system especially easy and it is what makes MATLAB a choice that is natural numerical computations.

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In this project an area efficient method is proposed to design and implement FIR filter using MATLAB. The filter is implemented by utilizing equiripple window. Further, the proposed designs have been created and simulated using Matlab 7.0. It’s been shown that, the form that is direct FIR filter creates the same output as the Direct form FIR however the cost varies in terms hardware requirements of Direct kind Symmetric FIR. It has additionally been shown that, dynamically reconfigurable filters are efficiently implemented by using form that is direct FIR structure for equiripple FIR filter.
Hybrid Median Filter design
The primary objective of this project would be to remove sound in optimum amount by preserving the image. Image processing consists of numerous filters in purchase to take away the impulse noises. Further, Hybrid median filter that is version that is somewhat improved of filter is explored. The hybrid removes the noise much better than median filter.
Designing an Optimal Fuzzy Logic Controller of a DC Motor


The use of Particle Swarm Optimization for designing an optimal fuzzy logic controller of a DC Motor is presented in this project. The approach used in this project is to optimize the membership functions of a logic that is fuzzy using Particle Swarm Optimization. Further, the answers are determined using Simulink.
Brain Tumour Extraction from MRI Images
In this project strategy to extraction detect of brain tumour from patient's MRI scan images of the brain is explored using the MATLAB. The method that is proposed the basic concepts of image processing such as sound removal functions, segmentation and morphological operations. The extraction and detection of tumour from MRI scan pictures of the brain has been carried out by utilizing MATLAB software.
Mammogram of Breast Cancer detection


The simulated results show that the high potential to advantageously enhance the image contrast hence giving extra aid to radiologists to detect and classify mammograms of breast cancer in this project. This method aims to achieve the benefits of sharpening and enhance procedure. The proposed technique is further tested using mammograms.


A method for the detection and identification of vehicle number plate has been proposed in this project. This method can be used within the detection of number dishes of authorized and vehicles that are unauthorized. Further, it presents an approach based on easy but efficient operation that is morphological Sobel side detection method. The letters and numbers utilized within the number plate by making use of box method that is bounding. After the segmentation of numbers and figures present on number plate, template approach that is matching used to recognition of figures.
High Speed Rail -Road Transport Automation
This project presents the development and design of a PID feedback control for high speed train operating on Tokaido line. This system has been developed to discover the path that is forward and also the feedback factors to obtain the desired performance. MATLAB is used to find out of the response that is transient of system.


In this project lambda based approach for resolving the Combined Economic and Emission Dispatch (CEED) problem using Algorithm that is genetic and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) methodologies considering the power restrictions of the generator is proposed. The objective of Combined Economic and Emission Dispatch (CEED) is to reduce both the running fuel cost and emission level simultaneously while satisfying load demand and constraints that are operational.
DC-DC Converters for Renewable Energy Systems


In this project analysis that is comparative of Converters for Renewable Energy System has been completed. It’s been discovered that DC-DC converter with transformer would work for various application. The analysis that is comparative done with and without Transformer topology so as to achieve zero voltage switching for the power switches and to manage the output voltage. The MATLAB simulation results and results that are experimental that the output of converter is free from ripples and has regulated production voltage.


An algorithm, which enhances speech by attenuating any kind of noise is proposed in this project. Right here, adaptive filter, which may adapt it self based on the character of sound is used. Further, primary differentiation that’s been made between speech and sound is the fact that message is extremely non-stationary in a period interval of 250ms whereas noise stationary. The algorithms are simulated with the aid of matlab program and also to implement using TMS320C6X DSP processor for real time application.


The tuning of PID controller is done using Ziegler-Nichols II method in this project. The Internal Model Control (IMC) controller is used for the multi variable process, non-linear process and for the chemical industries. The need for improved performance of this procedure has led to the growth of robust and controllers that are optimal. Genetic Algorithms (GA) is an algorithm that is evolutionary is proposed to be used in this respect. The modeling of the system that is physical presented utilizing different control tuning techniques and applied for the regulation of the temperature procedure. The dwelling of the models is implanting MATLAB that is using simulink.
The CDMA modem is simulated using Direct Sequence Spread spectrum in this project. The time that is real of signal, BPSK modulation, and multiplication with a pseudo random code to generate Spread Spectrum is utilized for transmitting it over a common frequency band and descrambling the signal utilizing the exact same pseudo-random rule during the receiver.
Hydropower Plant Models


An extensive review on the modeling of hydropower plant has been carried out in this project. Further, a simulation of hydropower plant including a type of hydraulic turbine, governor and machine that is synchronous been carried away utilizing Matlab software. In most the simulation results a generation that is perfect of from hydropower plant that was robust enough to resist faults is examined.
IEEE 802.11 & Bluetooth  Interference: Simulation study


The interference issues and use a new Bluetooth voice packet named synchronous connection-oriented with Repeated Transmission (SCORT) has been investigated in this project to review the improvement in performance. A comprehensive simulation results using MATLAB Simulink has been shown for the sake of simulation results..
Inverse Data Hiding in a Classical Image
In this project to supply data that is efficient technique and Image Encryption in that the data and the image can be retrieved independently is carried away using MATLAB. In the encryption phase, initially the images are encrypted with the encryption key connected with data to be embedded on that encrypted image with data key that is hiding. The embedded image is extracted and decrypted with encryption key and encrypted data is extracted and decryption is made using data hiding key in the decryption phase.
In this project JPEG algorithms have been used for image compression. The quantity of MATLAB code can be production to a quantized DCT version of the input image and techniques used to accomplish manner that is expeditious algorithm had been investigated procedures.
Digital Image Arnold Transformation and RC4 Algorithms


This project has three phases; the First phase may be the design and implementation of digital image scrambling using Arnold change according to iteration that is best. The 2nd phase is the design and utilization of digital image encryption using RC4 flow cipher and the 3rd phase makes use of both Arnold transform and RC4 algorithm based on iteration that is best which applies Arnold transform to scramble an electronic image and then encrypt It utilizing RC4. The input key to RC4 is generated using pseudo random bit generator algorithm.
Hand Gesture Recognition
In this project hand gesture recognition system is proposed using a hand that is database-driven recognition based upon skin tone model approach and thresholding approach along with an effective template matching with may be efficiently used for human robotics applications and similar other applications. Initially, hand region is segmented by applying skin tone model in YCbCr color area. Within the stage that is next is applied to separate foreground and history. Finally, template based technique that is matching developed utilizing Principal Component Analysis (PCA) for recognition.
Performance Study for Hybrid Electric Vehicles


In this project set of 42 case studies are proposed and the efficiency of the technique is tested through a set of simulation results. The motivation of the research is given by the reality that the sector that is automotive in a continuous change, and within the last years the trend is towards electric vehicles. The benefit of the technique is that the systems performance can be validated to a large extent from an stage that is early. The results can contribute to the need that is practical of hybrid and electric automobiles at higher quality requirements, faster and with a better cost.
Wi-Fi Access Point Placement For Indoor Localization


A method based on simulated annealing, is proposed to find the optimal number and placement of Wi-Fi access points with regard to indoor positioning in this project. Further the performance is investigated in a environment that is real via simulations.
Neural Network Based Face Recognition
In this project Self-Organizing Map is proposed to measure image similarity. The Facial images associated to the areas of great interest into the network that is neural feed. This scheme offers the results that are promising face recognition dealing with lighting variation and facial poses and expressions. The Self-Organizing Map has been particularly successful in various pattern recognition tasks involving very noisy signal after supervised fine tuning of its weight vectors.
Tree Based Tag Collision  Resolution Algorithms


In this project MATLAB simulation is done on binary search tree, back tracking based, and, matrix based algorithms of RFID. Binary search algorithm uses NRZ encoding to get the collision bits and on its basis, it discovers the minimum valued tag
Back – Propagation Neural Network for Automatic Speech Recognition


In this project present MATLAB based feature recognition using back -propagation neural system for Automatic message recognition has been carried out. The aim of the task would be to explore how neural networks can be used to recognize isolated – word message as an alternative to the methodologies that are traditional. The general strategies developed here can be further extended to other applications such as for example sonar target recognition, missile monitoring and category of underwater signals that are acoustic.
Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) Signaling


In this project MATLAB system has been written to investigate Orthogonal Frequency Division

Multiplexing (OFDM) communication systems. This program is valuable for future scientists systems that are simulating too theoretically complex to investigate systems.

Smart Antenna  Array Using Adaptive Beam forming
In this project design of a antenna that is smart according to direction of – arrival estimation and

adaptive beam forming is used. So as to acquire the antenna pattern synthesis for a ULA (uniform linear array) Dolph Chebyshev technique is used. Further, for the estimation of Direction of arrival (DOA) MUSIC algorithm (Multiple User Signal Classification) is utilized in order to recognize the directions of the source signals event on the antenna array comprising the antenna system that is smart.

Implementation of Butterworth, Chebyshev -I and Elliptic Filter for Speech Analysis


In this project, three kinds of infinite impulse response filter i.e. Butterworth, Chebyshev -I and Elliptical filter have been discussed theoretically and experimentally. Butterworth, Chebyshev type I and elliptic pass that is low high pass, band pass and musical organization stop filter have already been designed using MATLAB Software. The impulse responses, magnitude responses, phase responses of Butterworth, Chebyshev type I and Elliptical filter for filtering the speech signal have been observed.
Simulator for Autonomous Mobile Robots


A simulator that is algorithm that is matlab-based of 2D indoor robot navigation has been proposed in this project. It provides an individual that is effortless for constructing robot models and environment that is indoor, including findings that are artistic the algorithms become tested. Further, experimental email address details are proven to exhibit the feasibility and gratification for the proposed simulator.
Method to Extract Roads  from Satellite Images


A robust and efficient method for extraction of roads from a given set of database is explored in this project. The other applications of road extraction are: identification of isolated buildings that require to be detected and updating of GIS database based on the requirements of the expertise that is human.
Remote Data Acquisition Using Cdma Rf  Link


The primary objective of this project would be to Design and Develop a Remote Radar Data Acquisition and control using CDMA RF Link and to Test with an radar seeker that is existing. All necessary important parameters and status of the seeker are collected for analysis to ascertain the health of the Seeker during testing and launching of the missile.


In this project an attempt was made on automatic train control and warning system, and specific energy calculations were made on main line service . The Automatic Train Stop (ATS) system based on the Automatic Warning System (AWS) with checking limit speed pattern, signal checking and obstacle sensing system is proposed as an upgraded railway system that is signaling. It relies on the Data-Oriented control Method (DOME) to attain train control that is sophisticated.
Detection of Objects in Crowded Environments
The recognition of four sub-events that characterize the activity of interest in this project. When an bag that is unaccompanied detected, the system analyzes its history to determine its probably owner, in which the owner is defined as the one who brought the case to the scene before leaving it unattended. The system keeps a lookout for the owner, whose presence in or disappearance from the scene defines the status of the bag, and decides the appropriate course of action through subsequent frames.
Armature-Controlled Direct Current



This project investigates the results of different lots and inputs in the production response for the armature controlled direct motor that is current. The objective that is main establish relationship between your speed of DC motor and the strain torque at different voltages also as investigating the performance of closed-loop systems when different voltages are applied to the armature circuit for the engine when a constant voltage comes to the field circuit of the motor.
Distribution Transformer For

Analysing The Transformer Losses

In this project, losings due to load that is linear been calculated using analytical and simulation method and also losses because of harmonic load current is determined by analytical method. Transformer is fundamental component of energy system plus it is often constructed and basically made to just work at rated frequency and sinusoidal that is perfect current. Further losses because of current that is harmonic been determined analytically and has been in contrast to losings of linear load. A SIMULINK model of transformer is designed and finally both the method has been compared for simulation method.



In this project, features that characterize power quality disturbances from recorded voltage and current signals wavelet that is using and S-transform is analysed. The disturbance of interest includes sag, swell, transient and harmonics. A 25kv distribution network is simulated matlab software that is using. The feature removal has been done using wavelet change and S-transform, the coefficients are collected and directed at the neural network for the classification that is best.
A multiscale edge-based text extraction algorithm, which can automatically detect and extract text in complex images has been proposed in this project. The proposed method is a text that is general-purpose and extraction algorithm, which can deal not only with printed document images but additionally with scene text.
Transient Stability Analysis of Power System


In this project stability that is transient of multi machine system has been completed by using Simulink based model. The ability system is based on the generator rotor that is relative obtained from time domain simulations outputs. A self-sufficient model of IEEE nine bus system is given with full detail and stability that is transient is done by considering three phase fault at a bus with different Fault Clearing Time (FCT) and the answers are found become more accurate and quiet satisfactory in comparison with models simulated in PSPICE.
Single phase SPWM  (Unipolar) inverter


A simulation of SPWM (Unipolar) strategy is presented for single phase full bridge inverter in this project. The simulation of the single -phase unipolar voltage switching inverter device model is simulated in Matlab/Simulink.
Induction Generator for Variable  Speed Wind Energy Conversion Systems


The primary objective of this project would be to present the modeling that is complete simulation of wind generator driven doubly-fed induction generator which feeds ac power to the energy grid. For that, two pulse width modulated voltage source converters are connected back to back between the rotor terminals and utility grid via common link that is dc. The system that is complete modeled and simulated in the MATLAB Simulink environment in a way that it may be suited for modeling of various types of induction generator designs.
Extra High Voltage Long Transmission Lines


In this project simulation of transmission line MATLAB that is using is away to analyze the habits and parameters of transmission line under actual conditions. The long transmission line is simulated and analyzed the waveforms at sending and end that is receiving. The outcomes obtained after simulation are used within the designing of Extra High Voltage Long Transmission Line Model.





The primary objective of the project would be to evaluate the performance of a VSC -HVDC with ac -side cascaded H-bridge cells during DC pole to pole fault. A control system is developed combining an inner modulator and capacitor voltage balancing controller, an intermediate current controller and an outer active and power controller that is reactive. The control strategy based on PI and Fuzzy are simulated and studied in MATLAB / SIMULINK.
Realtime Control of a Mobile Robot


A real time control application for a mobile robot is implemented based on a MATLAB Simulink block diagram in this project. The robot that is mobile called AmigoBot which has two driven tires and 8 sonar sensors. The block is built for running in the xPC Target which is a time that is real supplied by MATLAB. The control application will get a grip on the robot moving along a wall at a distance that is certain. The track of the wall can be a straight one or a curved one.
Reactive Power Compensation in Railways


In this project traction systems are studied which has got the existence of inductive reactance in traction transformer, traction motors, auxiliary motors, smoothening reactor. Reactive power keeps on varying in a traction substation as the true number of locomotives increases and decreases in its working environment.


The concept of composite ac-dc power transmission has been studied in this project. The conductors are allowed to carry ac that is usual with dc superimposed about it. Further, the feasibility of little power tapping from composite power that is ac-dc lines which would pass over reasonably tiny communities/rural areas having no use of a significant energy transmission network has been analysed. The proposed scheme is digitally simulated by using MATLAB software package.
Dynamic Analysis of Three Phase Induction Motor


The objective that is main aim of project would be to simulate the induction motor model in MATLAB/ Simulink and learn the effect of rate, torque, stator and rotor currents on three phase induction motor performance traits.
Fuzzy Controlled SVC for Transmission Line


The primary purpose of this project is to create and simulate the logic that is fuzzy of firing angle for SVC to be able to achieve better, smooth and adaptive control of reactive power. The design, modeling and simulations are carried away for λ /8 Transmission line and the compensation is positioned at the end that is receiving load end.