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Project Title: Mobile Broadband Receiver

Brief Introduction:

Digital front-end and Turbo decoder would be the 2 important elements into the discussion that is electronic that is cordless. This task will speak about the implementation issues of both front-end that is Turbo that is decoder that is digital. The dwelling of electronic front-end for multi-standard radio criteria being supporting are cordless as IEEE 802.11n, WiMAX, 3GPP LTE is examined in the thesis. a design that is top-to-down. 802.11n down-converter that is electronic created from Matlab model to VHDL implementation. Both prototyping and simulation that is FPGA done. A Turbo that is synchronous decoder produced and implemented for 3GPP LTE as another significant area of the thesis. The block size supported ranges from 40 to 6144 too as the utmost range that is wide of is eight. The Turbo decoder shall utilize eight synchronous SISO units to attain a throughput as much as 150Mits. Wireless system is widely used numerous areas, like mobile, Cordless community Network, satellite conversation etc. It plays a really role that is important our everyday life. We're enjoying the more and more advantage wireless conversation service. Cordless system develops faster and faster, specifically after VLSI arrived, which becomes smaller, faster, and cheaper.

Hardware Details:

  • anntenna
  • RF amplifer
  • Mixer
  • Band pass filter
  • IF amplifier
  • AM demodulator
  • Audio amplifier
  • ADC

Software Details:

  • VHDL

Block Diagram:

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