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Programmable Logic Device (PLD) Technology

A programmable logic device is an Integrated Circuit which is user configurable and is capable of implementing logic circuits. PLD integration chip which allows the designer to customize it for the systems. PLD can be programmed for different applications. The PLDs are flexible and can be reprogrammed in seconds. The Programmable logic devices can be used for developing the application specific integrated circuits in the fabrication laboratories. In order to carry out this, the prototypes of the Programmable logic devices should be developed by the designers.
Advantages over discrete device technology:
1) Time to design is lower.
2) The development cost is lower.
3) Board space requirements are less.
4) Power requirements are low.
5) The Design security is worthy.
6) Switching speed is large.

Advantages over ASICs :
1) The integration density is large.
2) Production cost is low.
3) High Design security.
4) Reduced power requirements.
5) Reduced space requirements.