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Project Title: Inverse Data Hiding in a Classical Image

Brief Introduction:

Data hiding might be the entire process of hidden embedding data into information sources such as sound, video, or image signals without changing the standard that is perceptual. Probably the most strategies which is often information being typical will be the usage of minimum significant bit as well as the use of redundancy within the address image by doing compression that is lossless. The encryption can be a General technique for providing privacy security such as for example privacy, integrity and verification of data. The hiding Of data some basic ideas for encrypted images is made of encryption of image, embedding of information and elimination of information. Within the encryption duration, initially the images are encrypted utilising the encryption key regarding information become embedded on that encrypted image with information key that is hiding. The image that is embedded associate with information) is within the decryption phase Decrypted and removed with encryption key and encrypted data is extracted and decryption is established information which are utilizing key. Though, in both decryption and encryption procedure encryption that is exact same and information hiding key can be utilized. The target for the work would be to offer an data that is technique that is efficient Image Encryption where the data as well as the image can be retrieved separately.

Hardware Details:

  • Huffman Coding
  • Image processing

Software Details:

  • MATLAB 2010

Block Diagram:

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