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Project Title: Extra High Voltage Long TransmissionLines

Brief Introduction:

The electrical power system mainly consists of three principle divisions the generating stations, the transmission system and the distribution system. The transmission lines are the connecting links between generating station and the distribution system and lead to other power system interconnections. Now a day, we are using Extra High Voltage (EHV) transmission lines for transmission of power between the generating station and distribution system .The main reasons behind it are: The construction of super power stations of very large capacities necessities the transmission at high voltage for this we use EHV lines. At high voltages power loss is also reduced because losses are directly proportional to the square of current. The simulation of transmission line using MATLAB helps us to analyze the behaviors and parameters of transmission line under actual conditions. We are simulating a long transmission line and analyze the waveforms at sending and receiving end. The results obtained after simulation are used in the designing of Extra High Voltage Long Transmission Line Model.

Hardware Details:

* Extra High Voltage Transmission lines

Software Details:


Block Diagram:

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