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Project Title: Remote Data Acquisition Using Cdma Rf Link

Brief Introduction:

RADAR SEEKER works extremely well in missile system for detection and monitoring a target. It shall of times be incorporated within the nose cone associated with the missile. All necessary parameters which may be status that is important the seeker are gathered for analysis to begin to see the physical fitness of this Seeker during evaluation and launching connected with missile. Likewise the setup and control for the seeker should be to ensure the mode that is suitable of seeker. Experts and developers cannot get nearby the missile as well as the seeker health, nevertheless the comprehension of seeker health is certainly much required for the launch campaign, consequently a Control that is remote and purchase system ought to be here to confirm the physical fitness about the seeker either through wired serial conversation link or usage that is making of Link during launch campaign. The objective of this task is usually to Design and create a Radar that is Remote information and Control CDMA that is using RF and also to Test having an radar seeker that is current.

Hardware Details:


* QPSK, CORTEX –M3 (ARM Processor),

* SPZB260 (ZIGBEE Module)

Software Details:


Block Diagram:

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