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Brief Introduction:

The Committee in seeking this assessment on Appropriations posed four dilemmas being major Concerning train control technology that is automatic. These issues served at first since the fundamental Framework for directing and arranging the evaluation. As the scholarly research progressed, it became obvious That each and every presssing problem raised by the committee that is asking for Had ramifications that may be numerous that easily there were corollary questions that had become addressed. Consequently, The investigation finished up being expanded at length and range to consider Not just the presssing dilemmas enumerated into the website of need but, more generally speaking, the industry that is whole of automation technology in train control systems. The findings for the wider research working with policy, planning, and problems which can be operational summarized below. Supporting information and conversation are presented. Towards the final outcome associated is really a interpretation that is brief of findings that reacts right and specifically to the problems raised by the Committee on Appropriations.

Hardware Details:

* Track Circuits

* Wayside Signals

* Speed Control

Software Details:


Block Diagram:

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