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    Project Title: Solar Power Saving System for Street Lights and Automatic Traffic Controller

    Brief Introduction:

    Solar power is among the main sources that are renewable. Ergo, the employment of this energy is critical every-where where in fact the chance that is maximum of solar power can there be. One of these possibility is capacity that is solar street lights and traffic systems. Hence, an undertaking was created to implement the solar powered energy saver system for street lights and traffic control unit that is automated. The proposed system is implemented with MAX3032 Altera CPLD with 32 cells which can be macro. An sensor that is infrared is installed regarding the roadways to learn the clear presence of traffic. As there was a element light just often times, light detectors are used within the system to use it just into the not enough sunshine if you have a existence of traffic evening. The utmost power might be conserved this way. Proposed cost system that works well simply saves the ability rather it decreases usage of main-stream power.

    Hardware Details:

    • Infrared Sensor (IRS),
    • Light Dependent Resistors (LDR).
    • LUX meter,
    • traffic sensor
    • MAX3032 Altera CPLD

    Software Details:

    · Very High Speed Integrated Circuit Hardware Description language (VHDL),

    · Xilinx platform

    · EDA Tools

    Block Diagram:

    For more details