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Project Title: 32bit Floating Point ArithmeticUnit

Brief Introduction:

The majority of the algorithms implemented in FPGAs was indeed when fixed-point. Floating-point operations are excellent for computations vary that is involving is big is beneficial but they could need notably more resources than integer operations. With the designs which can be system that is FPGAs and current that you can get floating-point implementations have become more extensive and developers are increasingly advantage that is utilizing to be a platform for floating-point implementations. The advance that is gate that is quick is field-Programmable Array (FPGA) technology makes such devices increasingly attractive for applying arithmetic that is floating-point. A bit that is little compared to Application circuits being particular are included FPGAs offer repaid development. Furthermore, their freedom allows industry up-date and adaptation of equipment to run-time conditions. A 32 bit point that is product that is IEEE that is floating Standard is performed VHDL that is guideline that is using operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and product are tested on Xilinx. Thereafter, Simulink model in pad lab is established for verification of VHDL rule regarding the Floating Point Arithmetic item in Modelsim.

Hardware Details:

* Floating Point Architecture

  • FPGA

Software Details:

  • VHDL,
  • Modelsim,
  • Simulink.

Block Diagram:

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