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Project Title: Universal Cryptography Processor for Smart Cards

Brief Introduction:

Cryptography circuits for smart cards and electronic devices being portable specific authentication and information being secure relationship. These circuits should, in basic, occupy small chip area, eat power that is handle that is low few cryptography algorithms, and supply performance that is acceptable. This project gift suggestions, for the time that is first a equipment implementation of three cryptography that is standard for an architecture that is universal. The cryptography that is microcoded objectives card that is smart and implements both key that is personal general public key algorithms and satisfies the ability and satisfaction requirements which can be no more than 2.25 mm2 in 0.18- m 6LM CMOS. an algorithm that is new implemented by changing the articles associated with the memory obstructs being implemented in ferroelectric RAM (FeRAM). Using FeRAM permits storage that is nonvolatile aided by the configuration bits, that are changed so long as a algorithm that is brand new is needed.

Hardware Details:

  • ferroelectric RAM
  • FPGA

Software Details:

  • Data Encryption Standard
  • Advanced Encryption Standard
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Block Diagram:

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