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Project Title: Fuzzy based PID Controller

Brief Introduction:

This project describes the creating of Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID)-type controller based on Fuzzy Algorithm usage that is making of to work with in transport system that is cruising. The cruising system with Fuzzy concept has developed in order to avoid the collisions between cars on the road. The logic that is developed is Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) provides a guide for managing the automobile rate either increase or decrease. The rate that is managing on the size associated with vehicle that is preceding it gets too close or alert the motorist when necessary. The Mamdani Fuzzy Inference concept is studied, and developed in Matlab package at first for producing the PID-type FLC equipment system. The behavioral of this PID-type FLC algorithm are simulated VHDL that is language that is utilizing. The comparison of simulation outcomes between Matlab and VHDL are presented for designing the PID-type hardware implementation. The synthesis unit from Quartus-II environment is plumped for to synthesize the created VHDL codes for acquiring the Register Transfer level (RTL) hardware architecture associated with PID modulus. The developed designed Fuzzy dependent controller that is PID-type is cruising cheaper in cost compare to PID that is controller that is conventional and, therefore we could propose this chip that is developed utilized to the entry-level vehicles such as for instance The vehicle that is nationwide. This is further paid the trail accident and ensure the security concerning the motorists in the future.

Hardware Details:

  • PID-type Fuzzy controller

* Altera's APEX20KE (EP20K200EFC484-2X)

Software Details:

  • VHDL

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