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ASM Chart as a Tool for Sequential Circuit Design : The ASM chart is used as a design tool for designing sequential circuits. The design steps using ASM chart are as follows :

  1. The assignment or problem is given in the form of statements or waveforms; first of all draw the suitable ASM chart from the given data.
  2. Convert a ASM chart to a state table.
  3. Convert the state table into a transition table.
  4. Obtain the Boolean expressions for the flip-flop inputs and circuit outputs.

Implementation of Logic Circuit :

The logic circuit can be realized with the help of following techniques :

  1. By using K map simplification and flip-flops
  2. By using multiplexers and flip-flops.

Circuit Implementation using K Map Simplification :

The logic circuit can be implemented from the transition table by using the K map simplification techniques. The procedure for this technique is as follows :
Step 1 : Decide the type and number of flip-flops to be used.
Step 2 : Draw the K maps for the inputs of all flip-flops as well as circuit output using the transition table.
Step 3 : Obtain the simplified Boolean expression for it inputs and circuit outputs.
Step 4 : Draw the logic diagram.