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    Brief Introduction:

    In this task, we offer modern VLSI processor architectures that help multimedia applications. We classified these processors into two groups: committed multimedia processors, which perform devoted multimedia functions, such as for instance MPEG encoding or decoding, and processors that can easily be offer that is general-purpose for multimedia. Dedicated multimedia processors utilize either architectures and this can be function-specific restricted freedom but Better rate and effectiveness, or architectures which are programmable freedom that is increased. Both architectures are checking out parallelism inherent in movie and image clip applications by making use of single-instruction, multiple-data (SIMD) or/and(VLIW being ideas which are very-large-instruction-word. Advanced general-purpose processors provide the help for multimedia by incorporating brand multimedia being new and doing them in synchronous utilizing the SIMD co-processor approach. A study among these processor architectures and their performance is presented.

    Hardware Details:

    • DSP
    • RISC core processor

    · special hardware accelerators for the DCT

    Software Details:

    • MPEG compression
    • MediaStation 5000

    Block Diagram:

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