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Project Title: Wi-Fi Access Point Placement For Indoor Localization

Brief Introduction:

The selling point of location based applications is that is today that is undiminished. They could require location that is accurate which is really a challenging issue in indoor surroundings. Cordless technologies may help derive placement that is interior. Especially, the Wi-Fi technology is just a prospect that is guaranteeing to the present and Wi-Fi that is infrastructure that is nearly ubiquitous. The currently implemented wi-Fi ongoing products Can also act as guide points for localization eliminating the price tag on installing a functional system that is passionate. But, the main reason that is great is main of These systems which can be information that is wi-Fi and maybe maybe not location that is providing. Hence their placement accuracy could be insufficient perhaps. This accuracy is increased by carefully placing the Wi-Fi access points to pay for the territory that is supplied. In this project share is really a method considering simulated annealing, that which we propose to really have the quantity that is placement that is optimal of access points with regard to interior positioning. We investigate its performance in a environment that is genuine via simulations.

Hardware Details:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Global Positioning System

Software Details:


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