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Project Title: CRC Circuit Architecture

Brief Introduction:

Cyclic redundancy check (CRC) is a error code that is detecting is trusted to ascertain corruption in obstructs of data that have been kept or delivered. A standalone property that is intellectual (IP) core is fantastic for accelerating CRC calculation in several community and host applications configurability that is. Hardware may allow unrestricted CRC sizes and polynomials become implemented, permits a myriad of system transmission, space for storing and security applications become supported at a reduced cost. The fee of chip design continues to enhance as a result of facets such as for instance respin that is mask that is high. Next generation system-on-chip (SoC) designs are extremely costly therefore has to be configurable to a array of applications and evidence that is future either product up-dates migration that is or protocol happen. Including freedom through in-field gear configurability is a way that is key allows the cost of designs become paid. In this project, we derive a totally field programmable, synchronous architecture for the CRC calculation circuit. The aim was certainly to explore a domain particular architecture that is programmable of supporting 5 Gb/s line prices at a area cost that is minimal. The architecture that is ensuing a scenario to simply help all sorts significantly and sizes of CRC polynomial, for all types of protocols and information encryption. Additionally, the circuit can handle a number that is true is adjustable of octets in runtime for byte orientated adjustable size protocols. An embedded self-reconfiguration controller enables any CRC function become configured, while minimizing development complexity and time. This project explores the architecture and functions through the industry CRC that is programmable calculation and analyses their performance when implemented mobile that is using is standard 130-nm technology.

Hardware Details:

  • FPGA
  • CRC circuit

* Embedded domain specific programmable architectures

Software Details:

* UMC 130-nm technology library

  • Cadence SoC Encounter
  • EDAtools
  • Synopsis Physical Compiler

Block Diagram:

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