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Project Title: Data Transfer for AMBA Bus

Brief Introduction:

The growth that is quick the industry of mobile discussion, digital signal processing motivated the style engineer to incorporate the complex systems of multimillion transistors in a chip that is solitary. The type of the Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture (AMBA) advanced high performance bus (AHB) protocol block that is fundamental presented. Operations like easy write that is read burst read write and out of purchase write that is read mentioned. The AHB is really a consultant that is superior AMBA home. This AHB may be utilized in high clock regularity system modules. The design through the AHB Protocol is simulated Modelsim that is making use of that provides the obstructs which can be fundamental as Master and Slave. The arbitration procedure is required to be sure just one Master has usage of the consultant at any onetime plus the AHB decoder lets you decode the goal of each transfer and supply an indicator that is discover the servant that is involved with the transfer .It are coded utilizing VHDL.

Hardware Details:

* Bus Masters

* On-chip memory blocks

* External memory interfaces

* High-bandwidth peripherals with FIFO interfaces

  • DMA slave peripherals

Software Details:

  • Modelsim
  • Xilinx

Block Diagram:

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