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Project Title: Digital Space Vector PWM Three Phase Voltage Source Inverter

Brief Introduction:

This project targets the look associated with power that is low performance that is high based Digital space Vector Pulse Width Modulation (DSVPWM) controller for three stage voltage source inverter. An approach that is amazing proposed to comprehend effortless, accurate and DSVPWM that is powerful strategy on FPGA with low resource consumption and reduced execution time than mainstream techniques. Equations of SVPWM are relatively complicated and need a time that is considerable energy to perform for a typical microcontroller, consequently a straightforward method is presented to cut back run time of guidelines, e.g. the multiplication procedure used in these equations is changed by way of a proposed signed and unsigned shifter utilizing 2 to one or more product that is multiplexer. Total power use of controller is paid off to 37 mW at 100MHz clock regularity. The proposed DSVPWM strategy algorithm had been synthesized and implemented Quartus II that is making use of and FPGA, to target device EP2C20F484C6.

Hardware Details:

* cyclone-II FPGA to target device EP2C20F484C6

Software Details:

  • Quartus-II-9.1V software
  • Xilinx XPower analyzer

Block Diagram:

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