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Project Title: Chip For Prepaid Electricity Billing

Brief Introduction:

Electrical power meters, the repayment that is direct software between resources and customers for long, have withstood several advancements into the decade that is final. The meters which are main-stream could be electromechanical being replaced by brand new electronic meters to improve accuracy in meter reading. Nevertheless, the ability that is Indian faces a significant dilemma of slim income collection for the specific energy that is electric due to power thefts and system losses. One of the prime reasons may be the repayment that is conventional that will be inaccurate, slow, expensive, and absence in freedom in addition to reliability. Consequently, efforts are increasingly being made to automate the billing systems. Even though more accurate and faster readings which are meter experienced the light of time, bill payment continues to be based on an procedure that is old. They might require an individual/agent to personally drop to customer destination and note the meter readings and report the quantity you need to spend towards the household/office. However the demand for computing power at all degrees of electronic systems is advancements that can be semiconductor chip technology that is driving. Consequently in this project we are applying the electricity bill meter that is prepaid.

Hardware Details:

  • FPGA

Software Details:

  • VHDL
  • Xilinx

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