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Project Title: Router Architecture for Junction Based Source Routing

Brief Introduction:

The rise within the amount of cores that can be incorporated for a chip that is solitary forced the designer to make use of computer community concepts for design of System on Chip (SoC). This notion created development of network on Chip (NoC) to cope with more cores for a chip that is solitary. NoC has three components that may specially be main routers, hyperlink and community system by which cores are linked to NoC. Router is amongst the most elements that are crucial cores speak with other cores through routers. Among the list of tasks which are important a NoC designer shall be to build up router with low latency. Router design differs according to your routing algorithm utilized. Two types of routing algorithms are source routing and distributed routing. In supply routing, complete path information is available in Head flit whilst in distributed routing, routing decisions are taken inside every router regarding the program. Provide routing has speed advantage over distributed routing since the packet itself provides the routing information. But supply routing leads to overhead to keep path that is complete in the header of every packet. To overcome this flaw, junction based supply routing is clearly introduced. Then very first packet goes up to a junction and find this program information that is latest through the junction towards the place if location is far through the supply. Hence we should store the path information simply for a hops which are few the packet header. This notion finished up being obtained through the experience that is daily of journey. In this thesis we've developed design regarding the router for junction based supply routing. Main component of effortless router includes buffering, header route and modification decision that is making. Router includes a dining table called Path Table which shops information regarding paths from junction to locations being various. JB router also includes, picking right on up the scheduled system information that is latest from Path dining table and change the header by the addition of course information that is brand new. We've developed VHDL designs of two variations regarding the routers for Junction Based Routing. The wait performance of routers have been completely analysed through simulation. A model that is easy the router in addition has been implemented in Altera FPGA getting the resource demands out related to router that is brand new.

Hardware Details:

* Input buffer

* Cross Bar

* Arbitration and Control

Software Details:

* FPGA Prototyping Design Flow

* Network Processor and Software Router

  • VHDL

Block Diagram:

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