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Project Title: VLSISystolic Array Multiplier for signal processing Applications

Brief Introduction:

This project presents an easy, modular, architecture for extremely indication that is fast digital processing elements. The calculation is finished over finite rings (or areas) and is within a posture to emulate processing over the integer ring use that is making of quantity systems. The computations are limited to operations which are closed band or Field operators being binary being able to do limited operations that are scaling. Computations clearly defined over finite systems that can be that is mathematical. Number Theoretic Transforms, Quadratic Residue 'complex' calculations, Recursive FIR filters over finite areas is effectively implemented also with the use of your Brand approach that is new. The strategy evolves through the decomposition of each and every calculation that is closed using the ring/field associativity. Linear arrays being systolic created with many elements, every one of the form that is solitary is generic are employed for all calculations. The pipeline period is set from the mobile that is generic is predicted become fast specialized in an exercise course analysis that is vital. The cells are totally matched to the VLSI medium, additionally the resulting array structures have grown to be thick certainly. Kinds of DSP applications reach illustrate the strategy, and test mobile and array VLSI layouts are presented for the CMOS 3μ technology.

Hardware Details:

* Digital Signal Processing,

* Systolic Arrays

Software Details:

  • VHDL

Block Diagram:

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