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Project Title: Test Pattern Generation for BIST

Brief Introduction:

A Test Pattern Generator (TPG) can be used for Creating test that is significantly different in Built-In Self-Test (BIST) schemes. This project yields multiple input that is solitary Change vectors in a pattern, is applicable each vector up to scan sequence is an SIC vector. A MSIC-TPG and Accumulator Based TPG were created and create a reconfigurable Johnson counter top and a SIC that is countertop that is scalable a course of minimal transition sequences. The Test Pattern Generator is versatile to both the test-per-clock even though the test perscan schemes. An idea is developed to express and evaluate the sequences also to draw a class away from MSIC

sequences. Analysis results show that the produced Multiple Solitary Input Change sequences have actually the features being favorable of constant input and distribution modification depth that is low. It additionally achieves the goal fault coverage without increasing the test size. The architecture modifies structures being scan-path and allow Circuit Under Test (CUT) inputs stay

Unchanged within a noticeable modification procedure. Weighed up against the MSIC-TPG, the proposed Accumulator based TPG achieves Reduced power and area that is average during scan based tests as well as the peak energy within the CUT. By composing VHDL coding, the test habits are simulated.

Hardware Details:


Software Details:

  • Verilog,
  • VHDL,
  • System C.
  • XILINX 13.2

* ModelSim simulation tool

Block Diagram:

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