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Project Title: Realtime Control of a Mobile Robot

Brief Introduction:

An time that is application that is real a mobile robot is meant to be in this project implemented considering a MATLAB Simulink block diagram. The robot that is mobile is known as AmigoBot that has two tires being driven 8 sonar sensors. The Block is perfect for operating on the xPC Target which is a time that is right that is genuine provided by MATLAB. A handle will likely to be got by probably the control application in the robot going along a wall surface well away that's certain. The an eye fixed that is optical the wall surface could be a right one or even a curved one. The distance that you need is certainly be a constant or even a mathematic function (e.g. a action function). This work is divided into two parts. The component that is ¯rst the construction for the conversation block diagram that can easily be ideal for developing a match involving the xPC Target together with AmigoBot. The component that is 2nd having a control system for the robot, which are often considering state-space control.

Hardware Details:

  • Host and Target PC
  • AmigoBot

Software Details:

  • xPC Target Software Set

Block Diagram:


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