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Project Title: 32 bit RISC Processor

Brief Introduction:

A method that is digital manufactured through the use of Interconnected circuits being digital are integrated counters, buffers, logic gates and memory. It needs plenty of analysis,evaluating and also to adapt the design metrics like rate, reaction time, energy usage etc. which lead extremely tough for development. Furthermore every design modification recommended a whole analysis and usually high priced. Nowadays, computer and phones being mobile indispensable unit for most of everyday tasks. This puts an ever-increasing burden regarding the microprocessor that is embedded provide high performance while maintaining power that is and that is low tiny die size, which increase the complexity associated with unit. But, as products and services grow in complexity more processing power is essential while the expectation on battery pack life also increases. With the development that is fast of technology RISC includes extensions to RISC concepts that assist attain providedlevels of performance at notably less expensive than a great many other systems. One of the keys top features of RISC processor would be the instruction set is that are hardwired to speed instruction execution.

Hardware Details:

* 32 – bit RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) processor


* Virtex4 XC4VLX15.

Software Details:

* XILINX tool

  • VHDL

Block Diagram:

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